Campaign Brief - The American Southwest

Travelmonster invites you to be part of our upcoming campaign highlighting the American Southwest.
Starting in August we will start to create content in some of the most beautiful landscapes
this world has to offer. And your brand can be part of it.

Coming up Next in 2022: Dubai, The American Southwest, French Polynesia, Africa

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Our Story

We are Mark and Judith from Travelmonster Media. We are two Creative Directors from the Netherlands. Started in 2017 but leaving our management careers definitively behind in 2019, we have been traveling the world as Fulltime Content Creators ever since, fueled by our sense of wondering and wanderlust.

Fired by a deep desire to see and experience more. We have made a conscious and dedicated decision to live life as an adventure. We are committed to showing everyone the planet’s raw and unfiltered beauty. And we combine that commitment with a strong passion to inspire by an environmentally conscious and ethical approach to luxury and sustainable travel.

And so Travelmonster was born, a brand that celebrates traveling, creating, and environmental responsibility at the same time. What started as a small international travel community on SocialMedia slowly but steadily grew into what now falls under the Travelmonster Media Group.

For almost five years we have been creating content for the greatest brands in the world in the sustainability, luxury travel, destination marketing, and lifestyle branch. In order to maintain and uphold the strong connection with our following we only work with brands we love, that are genuine, that we stand behind, and that fit into our travel and lifestyle vision.

In these five years, we have had the luxury of growing our loyal and fun online travel community to a combined total of over 300.000 followers, which is growing daily. It is our continued mission to bring travel experiences to life in deeper, richer, and more meaningful ways.

Content Creation

This campaign is interesting for Travel Agencies that have USA in their Portfolio, Brands that want to connect themselves to Travel or the Wild West and it’s unique vista’s, Magazines & Media that are looking for Travel Content and Articles from freelance Travel Journalists. Also Tourism Boards from the United States that are looking for content for their own use or promotion of their destination may find this campaign useful. The campaign is a great way to be introduced to our followers by our behind the scenes using various Photography Gear brands. On top of that we also offer promotion on our Social Platforms and Travel Blog.

Your Benefits

  • Shared total cost of ownership for New Content
  • Content Creator on site for Requests how to visualise your product
  • Discover new places for your Travel Itineraries
  • Reach a new online audience that loves Traveling
  • Link your brand to the beautiful American Southwest
  • Increase your Media Content Pool with licensed photo's and video

About The Campaign

In the months August, September and October we will travel through the United States creating both content for our Partners as ourselves. This provides the perfect opportunity to align your brand’s Marketing and PR objectives with ours.

Extensive Location Research

Before sending out this Campaign we have invested countless hours in extensive location research. We are confident that the itinerary we composed is spectacular, beautiful and is going to wow in all the right places.

Our Itinerary will take us through the following states: Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. We focus 80% on National Parks and add in the big cities San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. We also have an option to start in New York.

National Parks: Valley of Fire State Park, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Red Cliffs, National Conservation Area, Zion National Park, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Page & Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase Escalante, Capitol Reef National Park, Goblin Valley State Park, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, Shiprock, Valley of Dreams, Sedona, Grand Canyon National Park, Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, Anza Borrego, Joshua Tree.

Campaign Focus

We focus the campaign on highlighting the beauty of the American Southwest.  The goal is to create content for the branches mentioned under ‘What do we offer’, as well as create for our own publishing purposes. 

Our distinctive Creative Vision

We aim to make our content resonate with people. It must feel close, achievable. Giving people the feeling of ‘That could be us’ is a leading principle. We want it to click. ‘Why am I not there, right now? ’Therefore the Creative Direction has to guide us towards beautiful, but not fake. The subjects in the content are allowed to be pretty, but not supermodels. It has to be tastefully colorgraded, but not overly photoshopped, plastic or too cinematic moody. All too often we see editors go overboard and go either too saturated or exactly the opposite with desaturated cinematic moody visuals. We believe in a more subtle and timeless Creative Vision.

Our provisional Itinerary

Our provisional Itinerary Part 2

Moodboard for Upcoming Campaign

None of the images below are made by us. They are the property of the respective owners and creators and have the sole purpose of showing the locations that we will be shooting in.

If you are interested in working with us please let us know as soon as possible.

Due to our Company’s small size we have only a limited number of partnerships we can handle at the same time.

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Our Social Media Platforms

Our Social Media platforms are ever increasing. After laser focusing our Instagram platform for the past year our next step will be to grow our channels on other platforms too. We can grant brands exposure on all our platforms for micro-campaigning. We will explain the ways in which we can set this up on the platforms we offer.

Instagram Campaign

For a micro-campaign we will capture images, video’s and storytemplates to promote your business to our Instagram audience. We also try to get it reposted as much as possible to increase your exposure.

Blog Post or Hotel Review

We have reviewed over 70 Luxury Hotels and Villa’s all over the world on our website It is also possible to get dedicated blog posts detailing tours or activities while highlighting the experience with your business. Visitors to our website often come from our Instagram and are looking for more information. They are warmed up and your potential next clients. For product promotion articles we have the condition that we only work with articles that we would actually use and make sense and our opinion is not contractually binded. You’d be surprised how many times brands try to lock our opinion in a contract.

Sponsored Video

If you want to launch a new product or want to put your hotel top of mind right before the summer or winter? A sponsored video may be a great idea. We can produce and co-launch the video with your brand and make sure it gets some attention. Video’s can for example be made for Youtube, Instagram Video or Reels.


For the past five years we have worked with many Brands, Luxury Hotels, Publications and Destination Marketing Agencies around the world. Below you will find an example from some of our partners and clients. We only work with brands we love and that we have a natural fit with. We specialize in content creation in the Travel – Luxury – Sustainability – Lifestyle – niche, and typically don’t venture outside.

Our Portfolio consists of International Brands that we worked with in the past five years in our different area’s of expertise. For more information on how we work on different projects, visit our Case Studies for Content Creation, Social Media and Influencer Management.

Judith & Mark shoot Seasonal Content for our Social Media, Magazine and Website and not only is the Content amazing. They are a pleasure to work with. Their creativity, response time and flexibility is on another level.


Vivi Gutheinz


We have worked with many Content Creators and Influencers for Ritz-Carlton and the Phulay Bay Reserve but I have to say we love the pictures, the angles and the tone colors, thank you very much for creating such stunning pictures for us. Your Instagram stories and reels  look absolutely stunning and appealing; we really appreciate all the contribution.

Ian Ding Phulay Bay Ritz Carlton

Mark & Judith launched our new property in Bali. They provided full service branding and marketing. They created content and managed influencers, including selection, briefing and deliverables. Within 3 months we went from 30% to 90% occupancy.


Laurent Ho-Young

Villa Adagian

Content Licensing

In many cases, we deliver beyond the scope of a project. That means that during our projects we come up with ideas, set up couple settings, and shoot additional content that wasn’t part of the original assignment. It is possible to license this content by purchasing our content packages. An example of the work we have done for our partners. We have licensed our clients for various projects ranging from images that are used on websites,, magazines, books to of course on social media.

License Options

For every specific need we have a license option. Depending on the scope of the project we can define which one suits you best. It is also possible to upgrade your license in a later stage.

For Social

This is the most popular option. Brands who use this option are allowed to use Content we create on their Social Media platforms.

For website, magazine or printed media (own channels)

If you are looking for Content with more flexibility regarding your usage rights this is the right option. With this option you can use the content in every way except external use or reselling.

External use, Commercials, Billboards, printed media (channels not owned)

In case you want to use Content for external channels, like commercials, billboards and printed media that is not owned, we have a third option. In this option we license your brand for the usage purposes you are looking for with the exception of reselling.


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